I N D O - C O N T E M P O R A R Y class focuses on exploring contemporary dance techniques fused with Indian traditions of storytelling. The class begins with understanding the theme/story for the choreography, warm-up that enhances postures and extensions. We dive deep into dance techniques relevant to the choreography with ‘across the floor’ exercises. Followed by choreography.


Swara uses Rasa Theory to help students find a balance between emotional expression and performance. The class provides students with a sense of catharsis and a deeper connection with themselves through movement. 


Contemporary can be danced bare-feet, with socks or ballet slippers. 


Our classes feature custom lighting that creates the right vibe for the style and choreography. Students are encouraged to dress up and be themselves throughout the class! We want you to approach this class as an experience from the moment you enter the room. Class is filmed and captured by co-founder Nico, and these images/videos are available to the students after class for personal use.