Swarali’s corporate wellness program is catered towards community engagement and employee wellness events. The program is customized based on the requirements of the company. She provides hour-long dance/dance fitness classes, performance and community engagement activity, and dance/movement therapy infused thematic classes. 


“Corporate wellness is where my dance therapy journey began! For my final year of school, I conducted dance classes at Disney India and LIC of India offices monitoring the stress levels of the employees that participated in the session. Their positive response to my project lead me to obtain my masters in Dance/Movement Therapy in New York.” - Swarali 

Her signature ‘Health Through Movement’ sessions is a combination of Movement Therapy and Dance Fitness. “I firmly believe the mind and the body, work in conjunction with each other, and the success of one is not possible without the other.”- Swarali.  As a certified dance therapist, her goal is to include principles of dance therapy in her fitness classes to provide a complete mind-body-soul experience. 


Each session begins with a warm-up awakening the muscles and redirecting the focus to class, next we transition into a follow along dance-fitness workout elevating energy levels, and the class ends with a super fun, easy choreography. The choreography is followed by a brief cool down which includes breathing and stretching exercises. 


Throughout the session, Swarali utilizes dance therapy techniques to engage the participants and encourage interaction. Her energy helps the participants to let loose, have a good time, dance in partners, different formations all while getting a fantastic workout. 


The effects of the session can be felt beyond its duration. It results in improved posture, the release of endorphins that monitor the cortisol levels reducing stress, an increase in motivation, concentration, and overall quality of life.