B O L L Y H E E L S is an empowerment-based class where students can unleash their sassy side and embrace all of what their femininity has to offer. Our primary focus is making people feel comfortable in their skin, provide a space to explore sensuality, and create a community of acceptance. Swara utilizes her dance therapy techniques through social warm-ups that encourage the students to let loose and be empowered by the support and energy of other women in the class. 


This is a safe space for women to learn how to look and feel sexy, enhance dance skills, have fun, and learn new choreography to Hindi-English fusion music! These classes are a judgment-free zone. 


Heels are NOT mandatory for this class, and sneakers/shoes work just as well. If you would like to try heels on, something that offers ankle support is recommended. 


The class is 90 mins long and will include a full-body warm-up customized to explore how to create sexy shapes and lines with the body, learn how to walk and dance in heels followed by choreography. 


Our classes feature custom lighting that creates the right vibe for the style and choreography. Students are encouraged to dress up and be themselves throughout the class! We want you to approach this class as an experience from the moment you enter the room. Class is filmed and captured by co-founder Nico, and these images/videos are available to the students after class for personal use.



Diana - Chicago.jpg


Chicago, IL

"BollyHEELS was PHE-NOM-E-NOL! the best part of the class is that Swara is so energetic and you can identify with her energy. She makes the class so personable and really makes sure you are in the present and not stressing about technique. She just makes sure you are loving yourself and being yourself. 10/10!”



Sydney, AUS

"BollyHEELS was an incredible experience. People like us have never danced on heels, we had so much doubt walking in to class, but Swara brought so much style, emotion, & energy that it got all of us get into character. She really helped us learn to be confident and just be who we are."



Dallas, TX

"It was such a safe space to let us be ourselves and each and everyone one of us found something that is unique to us and we will take that with us for the rest of our lives.”