B O L L Y I T E M S is a fun interactive class exploring the magic of Bollywood through popular item songs. This class is all about individual styling, ada (expressions), and learning how to become a lead dancer. 


Dancers are always treated as backgrounds or backdrop to other artists. But the Bollywood industry has a different outlook on dancers. From Madhuri Dixit to Nora Fatehi, these women have taken our breath away through ages with their moves creating iconic hits. 


 We want to offer a space where you are the star of your movie, you are the opening act, all eyes are on you! Swara uses her experience of working in the Bollywood industry to help you find what sets you apart and makes you feel like a star! 


Bollyitems can be danced bare-feet or with sneakers/shoes. 


The class is 90 mins long and will include a full-body warm-up customized to the theme of the class, learn relevant techniques followed by choreography. 


Our classes feature custom lighting that creates the right vibe for the style and choreography. Students are encouraged to dress up and be themselves throughout the class! We want you to approach this class as an experience from the moment you enter the room. Class is filmed and captured by co-founder Nico, and these images/videos are available to the students after class for personal use.