If your passion for dance goes beyond just 5-6-7-8, then BollyHeals is the perfect class for you! Each session is uniquely crafted and customized for the participants in the session. We offer theme-based learning which empowers our students to understand and view the choreography from a unique perspective. 


Dance to me has always meant more than a ‘performance’, it is cathartic, a space to escape everything else and truly be myself. Through the ‘BollyHeals’ movement, I want to create a safe space for individuals to take risks, provide them with the tools to access deep emotions, and techniques to portray them through their performance. 


I perform my best when I am not afraid of being vulnerable and I want to help you do the same. Be the best version of you and that’s what BollyHeals is about. 


My partner and Co-founder, Nico, focuses on capturing individualized photos and videos of students highlighting their progress and growth in class. These are made available to students after class for personal & professional use. We want to empower you in a way where you look and feel your best. 


Our students view ‘BollyHeals’ classes as a community of strong like-minded individuals that support each other inside and outside of class. It's not just a dance class, it’s a dance experience and we encourage you to give it a shot!



Personalized feedback that is specific to your personality, needs, and ability


Improve Self-Confidence


Reduce Stress & Fatigue


Better your alignment & posture as you learn dance techniques


Boost Energy Level with a kickass physical warm-up & learn an amazing choreography


Burn up +500 Calories!


Get professional photos and videos of yourself living your best life!


Embrace the support of like-minded individuals & become part of a larger community